Huge star "confirms" Deadpool 3 appearance in the most unexpected way

The world's biggest star may have just confirmed that she'll be appearing in Deadpool and Wolverine after all.
DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL.
DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL. /

Of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on the horizon, it's got to be Deadpool and Wolverine that is the most anticipated. It has so much going for it, namely the fact that it will bring Ryan Reynolds' irreverant Merc With A Mouth into the MCU for the first time ever. And considering it has been six years (six!) since we last saw Deadpool, we're ready for that reason alone.

But there's more to Deadpool and Wolverine than just that. Perhaps the most exciting element of the movie is in the title. Yep, we're talking about Wolverine, which means that the X-Men's most moody mutant is also making his MCU debut. Better yet, Hugh Jackman will be reprising the role from the Fox film saga, as the MCU continues to explore its Marvel multiverse of madness.

Jackman won't be the only familiar face in the movie as fans are expecting a number of cameos and returns from all over the Marvel multiverse. However, one recurring rumor suggests that the biggest star in the world right now might make a cameo appearance, and fans are convinced that she has confirmed it with her latest album. Yes, we're talking about Taylor Swift.

Fans are convinced Taylor Swift confirmed her Deadpool 3 cameo

Taylor Swift's name has been attached to Deadpool and Wolverine for a year now, as it's been heavily speculated that she will be playing the Marvel Comics character Dazzler. From rumors claimed by Marvel insiders to hints and references (such as Swift attending a football game with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman), it's been one of the many conversations the global superstar has been involved in over the past few months. But there might be some truth to those rumors after all.

Swift just released her eleventh studio album The Tortured Poets Department on April 19 and it has already broken Spotify records in less than a day. It's no surprise that the world is talking about her thought-provoking songs once more, as her fans have spent the hours since the album's release analyzing what each of the lyrics mean. Swift is known for writing with metaphors and hidden messages, and now fans are convinced that she has confirmed her long-rumored cameo in Deadpool 3 as well.

The last song on the standard version of Tortured Poets is titled "Clara Bow" and during it, Swift uses the word "Dazzling" a number of times. The song also ends with the lyrcs:

"You look like Taylor Swift

In this light

We're loving it

You've got edge, she never did

The future's bright


Taylor Swift, "Clara Bow"

Naturally, fans are speculating that the use of the word "Dazzling" to close out the album is Swift's way of confirming that she will indeed be playing Dazzler in Deadpool and Wolverine. I can see why they would think that given that the movie is just months away, so it is possible. But it could also be a mighty coincidence; Swift is a master of metaphors in her songwriting, and the song's message doesn't have anything to do with her rumored role in a Marvel movie, so the timing could be coincidental.

But again, this is the same Taylor Swift who unexpectedly announced a brand new album just two months ahead of its release, so fans have come to expect the unexpected with her - something that Marvel fans have learned over the years when it comes to the MCU.

We'll have to wait and see if Swift will be lending her beautiful voice to the role of Dazzler in Deadpool and Wolverine, but coincidence or not, the use of "Dazzle" on The Tortured Poets Department is just another possible clue about her MCU debut in what is becoming a long line of them.

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