Marvel Comics: Black Panther defeated Orchis before the fight even started

Never underestimate Black Panther. He plans for everything and proved this again during the X-Men: Fall of X series.
Black Panther #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
Black Panther #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

T’Challa is known as one of the smartest characters in Marvel Comics. People like Reed Richards and Adam Brashear (Blue Marvel) go to him with scientific questions. But his intelligence doesn’t stop with science. T'Challa's ability to plan gives him an advantage that no other hero has. Recently, he reminded comic book readers how good he is. 

The world is currently under attack by Orchis and their artificial intelligence (this is happening in X-Men: Fall of X). The fight started with Orchis attacking and killing mutants. Eventually, the AI moved on to humans (as it tends to happen). While the X-Men were fighting back, the Avengers were absent from the event.

The Avengers staying out of the battle seemed weird. Despite their differences, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would get involved to help the mutants, especially with the fight affecting the world. In Avengers No. 12, readers learn why. Tony Stark asked his teammates to stay out of it until it was time (he was working with the X-Men behind the scenes). However, Tony wasn’t aware that Black Panther already set things in motion.

Former Avenger Delroy Garrett Jr (3-D Man) can see things others can’t. It’s why Orchis hired him. He was used to anticipate how the Avengers would react to Orchis’ assault on mutants. Unbeknownst to Orchis, T’Challa and Delroy were working together. Even Delroy didn’t know he wasn’t fully working for Orchis.

When Black Panther and Sam Wilson (Captain America) take the attack to Orchis, they’re met by 3-D Man. During their fight, Black Panther whispers something to Delroy, which makes him remember the conversation where he agreed to be a sleeper agent for T’Challa. The only problem was Delroy had to forget the conversation.

The plan was for Delroy to be a disgraced Avenger looking for revenge and trying to kill his former friends. The cover story wasn't enough. He'd have to be believable. That's why Delroy suggested hypno-conditioning. Thankfully, before things go too far, T'Challa snaps Delroy out of his trance. Together, the three Avengers help save the Impossible City and stop the Orchis Sentinels

When the Avengers think they can rest, the Earth is being covered by some black mass. This is the official start of Marvel Comics' next event, Blood Hunt. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to see how that crossover begins. 

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