Marvel Comics characters return from the dead and more comic book news

Marvel Comics had a new comic book week full of deaths, returns from the dead, and big-time victories from the heroes. Some of them will affect the future of Marvel forever. 
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

This week, Marvel Comics dominated comic book news. The Midnight Sons are returning to take on the new Lord of the Vampires, Blade (Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt No. 1). Logan and Victor Creed square off during Wolverine: Sabretooth War. And Scarlet Witch defeats the Wizard (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver No. 5). Combine those with the next five moments and you have a great week for Marvel Comics fans.

Dominion defeated

Comic book: Rise of the Powers of X No. 5

Dominion has eluded the X-Men by being outside of space and time. However, Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force were after him. The problem is Dominion couldn’t be caught. Dominion went throughout history keeping the Phoenix busy by forcing her to fix moments that could change reality. It's a good thing Charles Xavier had a plan.

During Rise of the Powers of X No. 3, Xavier put a signal in Moira Mactaggert’s mind. This way, Jean could find Moira, leading her to Dominion (time travel is weird). This all depended on Moira wanting to help. Considering everything she went through, it wouldn't be shocking if she declined. Thankfully, she didn't. With the power of every Phoenix in the White Hot Room, Dominion was defeated and tortured throughout time.

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Mutant no more

Comic book: Rise of the Powers of X No. 5

Moira’s had a vendetta against mutants since Charles Xavier and Magneto betrayed her and Mystique tried to kill her (X-Men: Inferno). But she doesn’t let her hatred for Charles and Magneto destroy reality and is rewarded with something amazing.

Moira is reborn and waits for her mutant powers to kick in but they don't. For the first time in eons, Moira isn’t reborn a mutant. She no longer has to live a tortured existence of rebirth after death. 

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Charles Xavier surrenders

Comic book: Rise of the Powers of X No. 5

Charles Xavier did a lot of questionable things throughout the years. Surrendering to Orchis during the 2023 Hellfire Gala and working with Nimrod and the Omega Sentinel are at the top of the list. Sure, he had a plan, but there must be repercussions.

Instead of using his telepathy to live an enigmatic life, Xavier surrenders to the U.S. Government. There’s no way this goes wrong right? Wrong. He’s likely Inmate X and under the control of someone nefarious (watch the end of this video for that).

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Loki saved the day

Comic book: Avengers Twilight No. 6

Avengers Twilight had a heck of an ending, but nothing was more shocking than Loki. When Thor returns to Asgard he learns that Loki helped Tyler get word to Thor. When the All-Father asked why, Loki’s answer was simple. He said he brought the Avengers together the first time, it only made sense he’d do it again. Loki also said, “...adventuring, helping, avenging…it’s what your life should be.” For once, there wasn't any trickery going on. For now at least.

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Thor had a plan to kill (spolier)

Comic book: Avengers Twilight No. 6

Thor and the Hulk have fought more than most rivalries and they’re both heroes. This time, Hulk was being controlled by Red Skull and wanted to be stopped.

Thor tried to plead with his friend to get control. Unfortunately, Red Skull’s technology was too strong. Thor gave Bruce Banner what he wanted. Thor flew Hulk into the ocean and put Mjolnir on his chest. Since Hulk wasn't worthy, the Hulk couldn’t get up and drowned in the ocean.

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

(Spoiler) is back

Comic book: Hellverine No. 1

Benjamin Percey is becoming one of the best Wolverine writers. After completing fifty issues of both Wolverine and X-Force, he’s moved on to Hellverine. Hellverine comes after the Ghost Rider and Wolverine crossover, Weapons of Vengeance (also by Benjamin Percy). 

During Weapons of Vengeance, the demon Bagra-Ghul was sent to Hell. So how is he back and appearing like Wolverine? At the end of the issue, Logan looks at the photo and recognizes the tattoo. The new Hellverine is his son, Daken. He’s back from the dead after Sabretooth killed him (Sabretooth War No. 1).

Writer: Benjamin Percy

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