Marvel Comics: (SPOILER) saves the day in Avengers Twilight

Avengers Twilight just brought back one of the greatest heroes of all time and it was right on time.

AVENGERS: TWILIGHT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
AVENGERS: TWILIGHT | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

There will always be stories about possible futures in Marvel Comics. They’re usually a reality where the villains win and the heroes die. Sometimes it’s an apocalypse like Old Man Logan. There’s also the option where things aren’t too bad.

The negative is people’s rights are infringed upon. Citizens sacrifice their freedom to live happier and more peaceful lives. All you have to do is not speak up and always obey. That’s what’s going on in Avengers Twilight. Of course, Steve Rogers wasn’t going to stand for that.

With a new Super Soldier Serum coursing through his veins, Steve joined Luke Cage’s rebels and set out to make the world fair. Unfortunately, the odds are against them. The Avengers are either dead, hiding, or too old and weak to fight. When it came time to go to The Raft and save Tony Stark, Steve Rogers needed help. He had one of the rebels (Tyler) make a Hail Mary play. Tyler sends out a code to someone in a weird language. Who it was being sent to wasn't revealed.

While saving Tony Stark, Steve recruits a new Hawkeye. The problem is they still had to escape. Despite Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) coming to the rescue Tony Stark’s son James was winning. Then, out of nowhere a literal miracle happened. Lightning struck James down. That wasn’t just any code. That was a prayer to the Mighty Thor.

Sometimes, seeing the same kind of stories gets old. This writer thought Avengers Twilight was going to be just another story. I should have known better. Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil and Batman) is the writer and he doesn’t do normal. Avengers Twilight has the same kind of emotion that Old Man Logan and Kingdom Come did. When the series ends, we could be looking at a classic. The best part is, that this is only issue three of six. Stay tuned to see who pops up in issue four.

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