Marvel Comics: Daredevil is fighting the Seven Deadly Sins

The Man Without Fear isn't fighting his normal villains in this run of Daredevil. Instead, he's going up against the Seven Deadly Sins.

Daredevil: The Protector Of Hell's Kitchen
Daredevil: The Protector Of Hell's Kitchen / Marvel Entertainment

Like most comic book characters, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) has died and returned from the dead. In Matt’s case, he sent himself to Hell to get his friends. When he came back, he wasn't Matt Murdock the attorney. He’s now Father Matt. Along with Father Javi, they run the St. Nicolas Youth Home. After a fight and encounter with Elektra, he started to regain his memories. During that battle, Matt exorcised something hellish from Elektra.

In the next issue, Matt learns a smear campaign attacking the St. Nicolas Youth Home being headlined by a man he trusted, Ben Urich. However, like with Elektra, Ben is possessed by an entity from Hell. Matt doesn’t discover what’s happening until a couple of issues later.

During Daredevil No. 4, Matt has a few lunch dates with Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). They stuffed themselves with seafood, ramen, and more. When She-Hulk lost control (she wanted dessert), Matt realized the Sin Gluttony possessed her. After exorcizing another being, Matt understands what he’s fighting. These are just beings from Hell. They’re the Seven Deadly Sins. After Matt figured it out, Doctor Strange appeared and told him it was about time.

Matt has always been a man of faith. It’s helped keep him under control when he’s wanted to kill someone. On the flip side, there's his Catholic guilt. Matt cites it as something he appreciates and hates. It's a reminder to be better, but it's also prevented him from getting over his mistakes.

Having the Seven Deadly Sins be his next antagonist makes sense. First, this isn’t a villain he can punch into submission. He’ll have to be crafty. Things like picking the right prayer to save a person’s soul will be key. Second, his faith will be tested. Matt's going to see the worst of humanity and be forced to remember they’re flawed. That's something he's struggled with for years. It's going to get worse (in issue No. 7 he's fighting Wolverine). Lastly, he’ll have to overcome one of the Seven Deadly Sins he’s most known for. He’ll have to fight anger. 

Saladin Ahmed had big shoes to fill. All of the writers before him have written nearly perfect Daredevil runs. So far, he’s done a brilliant job keeping the trend going. He isn’t changing the core of who and what Daredevil is. He’s adding to his lore. Hopefully, Saladin Ahmed’s run continues to be an interesting new take on who and what the Man without Fear battles. 

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