Marvel Comics: Forge builds Wolverine special armor to kill Sabretooth

Logan and Victor Creed’s rivalry may end in Wolverine: Sabretooth War thanks to Forge’s Adamantium Armor.

WOLVERINE #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
WOLVERINE #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Wolverine: Sabretooth War has been brutal and informative. First, Victor Creed arrives at X-Force’s sanctum and kills Logan’s son, Akihiro. Then, his army of Sabretooth variants go wild, kill every mutant they can, and capture Wolverine’s daughter, Laura.

The thought-provoking part came in part three. Creed’s vendetta against Logan comes from more than just jealousy and resentment. He misses Logan's friends. Unfortunately, those days are long over. Wolverine will finally kill his nemesis thanks to Forge’s newest creation.

Screenrant reports that Logan is finally going to kill Sabretooth. To get the job done, Forge of the X-Men made Wolverine something special. He created an armor made out of adamantium to slay his enemy. Could Logan kill Creed without the armor? Yes. He's beaten Victor Creed without his healing factor. Nevertheless, there are a lot of factors going into this fight.

First, Sabretooth has an army of headless variants under his control (read Sabretooth and The Exiles for more on that). That means Logan has to go through them to get to Sabretooth. Logan has a healing factor, but it can be maxed out. Having indestructible armor levels the playing field.

Second, Sabretooth journeyed across the multiverse training to kill Logan. Meanwhile, Wolverine has been fighting to protect mutants from Orchis and other threats. This gives Creed an advantage he’s never had. His training has allowed him to be sharper than he’s ever been and Logan's focus will be elsewhere. Plus, on Sabretooth's journey, he got his adamantium skeleton and claws back.

Lastly, Quentin Quire gave Sabretooth information to kill Logan. As this article is written, the weapon hasn’t been revealed. However, it’s easy to guess that it’s the Muramasa Blade. It’s one of the few things that can kill Logan and keep him down. This may be another reason why Logan has armor. If Creed used the Muramasa Blade on him, Logan’s healing factor could be inert or working overtime.

No matter the reason, Logan will need any advantage he can get and this armor will tip the scales, but will it be enough? Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if it is.

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