Marvel: Wolverine loses his healing factor (again)

Wolverine loses his healing factor at the worst time possible. He's thousands of leagues under the seas and at the mercy of Sabretooth.

WOLVERINE #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
WOLVERINE #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Wolverine and Sabretooth are in the middle of their most intense fight ever in Marvel Comics. It started with Sabretooth and his army killing dozens of mutants (Logan’s son Akihiro being one of them) and kidnapping Laura Kinney. This sets Logan off. Instead of waiting and planning with the rest of X-Force, Wolverine left to kill Victor Creed. A mistake readers knew Logan would regret. 

Sabretooth uses Quentin Quire (currently a head in a case) to alter Logan’s mind when he arrives. Instead of seeing reality as it is, Logan’s on a past mission with Sabretooth. Sabretooth uses that past assignment to force Logan to get what he needs. When help arrived, it was too late. Sabretooth has what he needs to keep Logan down for good: A gun that takes away mutant powers. 

As Logan is coming out of his trance, Sabretooth shoots him. Now, he has a major advantage. He has his adamantium skeleton, his healing factor, they’re 8,000 feet below the sea, and Wolverine can’t heal himself. 

What’s next for Wolverine

Last month, Marvel announced that Forge is making an adamantium suit for Wolverine. A lot of people were confused by this because Logan can and has beaten Victor Creed without aid. Even with an army of Sabreotooth variants, Logan could still come out on top. Finding out that he won’t have his healing factor during their fight explains why he needs the armor. However, this should be the last time Logan loses his healing abilities. 

Even Logan shouldn't be losing his healing abilities again, Benjamin Percy hasn’t failed me yet. Plus it seems like Logan has his mutant powers back already. He’s been beaten and healed throughout the X-Men: Fall of X saga. Also, Forge made the gun can probably reverse the effects (or maybe they’re not permanent). After what happened to Storm, Forge has to have a backup plan. Either way, there are four more issues of Wolverine: Sabretooth War left. The final issue should decide Logan's upcoming fate.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out what that is. 

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