Uncanny X-Men 700 officially ends Marvel's Krakoan Age... sort of

Marvel Comics announced the end of the Krakoan Age, but they didn't specify how and why. Uncanny X-Men No. 700 perfectly concludes one of Marvel's greatest ages with a beautiful twist.
Visit Krakoa | A Paradise for Mutants
Visit Krakoa | A Paradise for Mutants / Marvel Entertainment

It feels like I’ve been writing about the end of Krakoa for a year. Marvel Comics announced that the era would be coming to an end some time ago and they have been building the finale up both before and during the Fall of X. However, after a year of reporting on it, the Krakoa Age didn’t end; It evolved.

During the final issue of X-Men: Forever, the mutants in The White Hot Room (a place that exists outside of time and space that also held Krakoa) argued over what was next. The youngest mutant Kafka told everyone to shut up and that it was time to listen. Those words ushered in a new Krakoa. 

Kafka and others built a new Quiet Council and spent the next fifteen years in the White Hot Room working on what their island nation stood for by listening to each other. They came up with peace. That leads to every mutant who died returning—all except Hope Summers whose essence was felt throughout Krakoa. 

Shocking to no one, Apocalypse stood against this idea. He was insulted by what it meant to them and fought against the idea and the X-Men who defended it. It wasn’t until Jean Grey linked his mind to the rest of New Krakoa's minds that he understood his time was over. Apocalypse returns to Arakko defeated. He came to terms with the fact that his time was over and made a decision. He said that he needs an heir

This was the best way to end the Krakoan Age. Removing the island nation from history or destroying it takes away from what it was. It was mutant Wakanda without the need for fighting. Mutants created an evolved way of thinking that couldn’t survive on Earth. The only logical thing is for them to not be on Earth.

Marvel Comics keeping the island around, but not on Earth was brilliant. The legend continues, the X-Men finally get a happy ending, and the dream of a place where mutants can prosper lives on. And let’s be honest, we’ll see Krakoa again. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out when.

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