MCU: Fan casting 7 key X-Men if Henry Cavill plays Cyclops

With rumors suggesting Henry Cavill might soon be playing Cyclops, we're breaking down our picks for who should play the other key X-Men heroes in the MCU.

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Rumors are swirling about the live-action X-Men's debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sparking heated discussions, especially in light of the buzz around X-Men '97. Fans are abuzz with anticipation for what the future holds for the X-Men in the MCU.

One of the craziest rumors circulating online is Henry Cavill's speculated "secret role" within the MCU. We all love and know him for his roles as the brooding Witcher and the iconic Man of Steel. So, Cavill's potential involvement with the MCU has sent shockwaves through the fanbase. One such rumor has the 40-year-old as part of the X-Men. The idea of him stepping into the boots of Cyclops, one of the original and most revered underappreciated X-Men leaders.

The introduction of Cavill, or any A-lister for that matter, means we are getting a seasoned team of heroes. Maybe even hinting at a storyline where the torch is passed to a new generation. While I personally am not a fan of an older X-Men team, the allure of a blockbuster name steering the ship to a new audience makes sense.

Is it likely he is Cyclops? Probably not. But if he is, this version of the X-Men should focus on the heroes years into their heroism. We should see a team, fractured by philosophical differences with Cyclops no longer being the follower of Professor X. Instead, he'd be a man with his own mind, finding himself agreeing with a long-defeated foe, Magneto. Friction between the group will challenge loyalties and make way for a new leader, who steps up when a new foe arises.

But if Cavill is indeed our new Cyclops, who should stand alongside him? Before you ask, don't hold your breath for Wolverine – with Hugh Jackman's return to the role, That's a different fan cast. For this fan cast, we're focusing on the original team.