MCU may double-dip with director for Black Panther 3 and X-Men and they should

The latest MCU rumors claim exciting news about who the director for Black Panther 3 and X-Men may be.
Ryan Coogler
Ryan Coogler / Roy Rochlin/GettyImages

The streets are talking and it's no longer just about rap beef. Kevin Feige seems to be constantly sitting in an oversized Marvel tower, spinning ideas all day but that's okay with me. The man who led fans through the epic journey of the Infinity Saga has earned the right to spin away. Especially if they are going to lead to potential decisions like these.

According to a new rumor, Marvel is interested in having Ryan Coogler direct its upcoming X-Men film and it's also reported that he's signed on to return as director for yet another Black Panther movie!

Ryan Coogler is the right director for Black Panther 3 and X-Men

Coogler has already worked with the MCU since he directed Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Both movies were so well done, they hold spots in Marvel's top 10 highest-grossing films. Their success makes it obvious that he should be the one to lead the next installment in the franchise.

The Oakland-born director built a carefully crafted story with beautiful sets and unique costume designs to submerge fans into an adventure filled with excitement, sadness, and outrage. From watching T'Challa thrown from a waterfall to seeing Queen Ramonda killed by Namor, Coogler has been able to elicit the right emotions at the right times for a fluid experience.

It's fascinating to see how far the award-winning filmmaker has come since the first Black Panther movie, considering he thought he was going to get fired before the completion of the film due to falling behind schedule. Feige made the right decision by keeping him and Coogler rewarded him with some of the best content in the MCU's almost two-decade-long history.

The spectacular job he did with those films gives me all the confidence in the world that he can make an X-Men film fans will be proud of. But it doesn't stop there; the 37-year-old director is also the architect of the Creed trilogy and Judas and the Messiah. Ryan Coogler has established a strong track record. His work proves that he cares very much about doing right based on the expectations of the characters entrusted to him; something every X-Man fan will expect.

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