MCU's Fantastic Four lands their big bad as Galactus actor is revealed

The MCU announced their casting choice for Galactus in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie set to hit theaters July 25 2025.
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Director Matt Shakman, leader of MCU's Fantastic Four revival, has found the man who will take on the role of the world-eating titan, Galactus. Ralph Ineson, an England-born actor who has been making his mark in the acting game since the early 90s, has been announced as Marvel's next villain as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Ineson has an opportunity to gain more notoriety as he is not known for many large roles. But he has a knack for featuring in some very memorable shows and movies. Ineson played in The Creator, The Green Knight, joined Peaky Blinders for a couple of episodes, and even has a previous feature with MCU as a Ravager pilot in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Who doesn't love a good "Hey, you never saw that" recasting?

Still, fans of the world's most successful superhero franchise are particular about everything. That is not an exaggeration. I've seen fans question how tight the squared patterns were on a Spider-Man suit. The criticism of the fandom knows no bounds but that strong critique comes from a place of love.

Right now, there are mixed reactions in the comment sections of every social media post I've seen confirming this news. After the 2015 Fantastic Four film, fans are on edge. Kevin Feige has to get this right. A key element to selling Galactus is ensuring he has the voice for it.

One of the most terrifying bad guys in Marvel's history has a deep and unsettling voice; something fans knew Javier Bardem could do well. Bardem was rumored to be the first choice for the role but for reasons currently unknown, Ineson got the role. Bardem would have been a fantastic choice but that does not mean that Ralph won't kill it. There is already a case being made that the MCU could not have chosen a better option.

Sounds great to me. At the end of the day, we all have to remember that getting it right matters more than inserting a big name in the mix. Many fans were unaware of who Charlie Cox was before the Netflix Daredevil series and he turned into one of their most beloved characters to date.

That is just one example of many where unknown commodities turn into epic cultural mainstays. Ralph Ineson looks to be the next and I'm rooting for him to do just that. If you find yourself struggling to get excited about this casting, pull your exhilaration from the second Fantastic Four casting announcement of the day. It's a doozy.

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