MonsterVerse: Every Titan ranked from weakest to strongest

Join me on a walk through Hollow Earth - metaphorically - and let's see how these incredible MonsterVerse Titans rank amongst each other.

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11. Mothra

Mothra flutters in at number 11 in my MonsterVerse Titan rankings. Now, before you start thinking Mothra's at the bottom because she's a pushover, think again. Mothra is like that friend who shows up with a first-aid kit and snacks instead of fists. She's the Titan world's beautiful guardian angel, more about healing and helping than hulking and hitting. In the MonsterVerse, Mothra's the beautiful, glowing beacon of hope.

She's got these gorgeously long wings that can light up the darkest night and a presence that screams majestic rather than menacing. Sure, she might not be body-slamming other monsters like it's a wrestling match, but her role is priceless. She brings balance, harmony, and a bit of glitter to the monster mash, making her the unsung hero in a world of loud roars and radioactive breath.

Mothra is at the bottom of the strength scale not because she can't hold her own - it's more like she's playing a different game. While other Titans are duking it out with raw power, Mothra's doing something more subtle but just as vital: weaving the threads of unity, like that cool aunt who calms everyone down at family reunions (especially Thanksgiving). She might not be about brute strength, but in the MonsterVerse, Mothra brings a touch of elegance, a dash of grace, and a whole lot of heart.

In a world where everyone's trying to be the toughest, Mothra shows there's real power in being the kindest. So, while she might be at number 11 in terms of muscle, in terms of spirit and impact, our girl Mothra is number one.