MonsterVerse: Every Titan ranked from weakest to strongest

Join me on a walk through Hollow Earth - metaphorically - and let's see how these incredible MonsterVerse Titans rank amongst each other.

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6. Skullcrawlers

Ah, the Skullcrawlers - those creepy, crawly nightmares straight from the eerie depths of Skull Island. Why do they rank a modest 6 out of 11 on my MonsterVerse smackdown list? Glad you asked.

They're like the ultimate party crashers at a Titan bash: sneaky and quick, with a mouthful of teeth that look like they could chew through a tank. But here's the twist – they're kind of like the little guys in a world of Titan heavyweights. Sure, they're fierce and all, but put them next to a behemoth like Godzilla or the three-headed menace, King Ghidorah, and suddenly, they look more like pesky lizards than the monstrous terrors they think themselves to be.

Now, don't get me wrong, Skullcrawlers are not weak in the slightest. These baddies have a taste for destruction and can cause some serious mayhem, especially when they swarm in numbers. Think of them as the rowdy gang of the monster world: always ready to stir up trouble and pick a fight. But, and it's a big but, when the top-tier titans step onto the scene, the Skullcrawlers are like turn into those scrappy underdogs in a boxing ring - swinging wildly but ultimately outmatched. They held their own against a young Kong, but against the adult version of the King of Skull Island, they wouldn't be so formidable.

They've got drive and intimidation on their side, no doubt about it, but in the grand MonsterVerse arena where the big dogs rule the land, our Skullcrawler pals find themselves smack in the middle. Tough enough to take down the lesser monsters, but just not quite in the league of the real heavyweight champs. It's a classic tale of "big fish in a small pond" – or maybe more accurately, "medium-sized, terrifying lizard in a pond of colossal, earth-shaking titans." Tomato, tomahto.