MonsterVerse: Every Titan ranked from weakest to strongest

Join me on a walk through Hollow Earth - metaphorically - and let's see how these incredible MonsterVerse Titans rank amongst each other.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters © 2023 Apple TV
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters © 2023 Apple TV /
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5. Frost Vark

Apple TV+'s MonsterVerse show Monarch: Legacy of Monsters introduced to us the Frost Vark, a Titan as mysterious as it is chilling. It parks itself in the middle of our ranking at number 5. The Frost Vark is a colossal creature, covered in frost, lumbering through icy landscapes with a presence that could make even the bravest shiver in their boots. It isn't your average backyard critter - it's like the mammoth's bigger, badder cousin who decided to take a permanent vacation in the Arctic. This titan's icy demeanor isn't just for show. For all intents and purposes, Varky here is the MonsterVerse's version of Frozen's Queen Elsa.

Its ability to manipulate cold isn't just cool - it's downright frigid. It can turn its surroundings into an icy battlefield, giving it a home-field advantage against most Titans. Plus, let's not forget, it's not just about the cold; this Titan's size and strength are nothing to scoff at. It's like a walking, freezing mountain that can throw a punch and shatter you to pieces after it freezes you on the spot.

Now, why isn't the Frost Vark higher up on the list? Well, it's all about versatility and adaptability. Sure, in a snowball fight, it would be king, but what happens when it steps out of its frosty comfort zone? Its powers, so focused on cold and ice, might not be as effective under the scorching sun of a desert or in the humid jungles where some of its fellow titans roam. And while it can probably handle a Skullcrawler or a MUTO on its icy turf, going toe-to-toe with the likes of Godzilla or King Ghidorah might leave it a bit, well, thawed.

The Frost Vark is impressive, no doubt about it, but in the grand scheme of Titanic clashes, it's right there in the middle: too cool to be weak, but not quite hot enough to top the charts.

I do not apologize for any of my puns.