MonsterVerse: Every Titan ranked from weakest to strongest

Join me on a walk through Hollow Earth - metaphorically - and let's see how these incredible MonsterVerse Titans rank amongst each other.
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Godzilla vs. Kong, MonsterVerse
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4. Kong

Let's talk about Kong, Kurt and Wyatt Russell's favorite Titan. The mighty yet unexpectedly relatable Titan who snags the number four spot in the MonsterVerse rankings - why is he not at the top? Well, it's a bit like being the toughest kid in school but still not quite making it as the schoolyard king. Kong's got a lot going for him - for starters, he's really smart for a giant ape. He can figure out complex problems, use tools, and has this incredible talent for understanding humans, which also puts us in a soft spot for him.

Plus, he's strong. I'm talking about the kind of strength that lets him go fist-to-fist with creatures that make skyscrapers look like LEGO blocks. Kong's agility is also a huge plus. He leaps between mountains like they're stepping stones and swings through the Skull Island jungle like it's his personal playground.

But here's the twist – despite all these awesome traits, Kong often ends up playing second fiddle to some of the bigger, badder Titans out there. It's a bit like that one friend who's great at doing everything but isn't the best at doing something. In his tussles with Godzilla, for example, Kong shows heart and hustle but often ends up on the ground, showcasing his secret underdog spirit. It's this blend of might and vulnerability that makes Kong so endearing and, at the same time, so vulnerable.

He's the Titan you root for, the one you hope will pull an unexpected win even when the odds are stacked against him. He's got the brains, brawn, and agility, but in a world where being a colossal, atomic-breath-wielding lizard or a three-headed dragon is the benchmark, Kong bravely holds his own, earning him a respectable yet not topmost spot in my MonsterVerse rankings.

Plus, he's just not my favorite.