Moon Knight season 2 is in development (but with one MAJOR change planned)

Rumor has it Marvel is working on a second season of Moon Knight, but there is one major change coming in season 2.
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It's been a couple of years since Moon Knight graced our screens with the Disney Plus/Marvel original live-action series adaptation starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role. Now we're getting closer and closer to getting a second chapter to this spellbinding psychological exploration.

Oscar Isaac brought the complex character of Marc Spector to life in the Moon Knight series in a total of six episodes. In a nutshell, Marc Spector is a man with DID (dissociative identity disorder) who gets thrown into a thrilling mystery with his multiple alters including Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight. The show succeeds in having fun with the storytelling and genre-bending to keep viewers invested and on the edge of their seats with the psychological horror elements balancing off with impressive action sequences and heartfelt drama.

Currently sitting with a fresh Rotten Tomato score, Moon Knight was received well by fans and critics alike and offered a refreshing tone to the titanic Marvel Cinematic Universe. In my humble opinion, this was one of the better offerings of the MCU series, right up there with WandaVision. Many fans including myself are demanding to see more of Moon Knight and are looking forward for the character to make the jump onto the big screens as well.

In a discord Q&A held in June via The Cosmic Circus, writer Alex Perez shared some insight into many burning inquiries for what's next for Marvel Studios. Here's his response to questions regarding Moon Knight and how the story may continue and what could be expected going forward:

"I believe they are still expecting to do a season 2 of Moon Knight prior to Midnight Sons. After all, like you said, they need to do something that will continue Marc’s development prior to teaming up with another group. Also, a change in scenery is necessary. Say… New York? "

The Cosmic Circus

Moon Knight season 2 might be set in NYC

Season 1 of Moon Knight was partially set in London and Egypt and not New York City, as it was in its comics counterpart, a decision made to set the show apart from other Marvel projects that were set in NYC. So having season 2 take us to New York, opens up a world of possibilities for Marc Spector to meet and interact with other street-level heroes and villains alike, which would be a lot of fun to witness and see a foundation set up for a potential Midnight Sons movie or series if done right!

Marvel does well planting seeds in their films and series so I'm sure they will have a great plan of how to connect all these new characters to fit into the larger aspect of the cinematic universe.

It would make a lot of fans happy to see more of Moon Knight and to see a live-action adaptation of the Midnight Sons joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel will be present at this year's San Diego Comic Con in Hall H so maybe we can expect to hear some more details regarding this story and much, much more. In the meantime, if you're missing Moon Knight or haven't checked out the series yet, you may hop on the Disney Plus streaming service and catch up on all six episodes now streaming!

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