10 most disliked X-Men characters, ranked

Let's look at 10 X-Men movie characters that fans just didn't take to and see if they each deserve their spots on this list.

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2. Professor Charles Xavier

Imagine being the top dog at a school for the gifted, where you're not just the headmaster, but also the telepathic shepherd guiding your flock of superpowered youngsters. That would be Professor Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X, the bald beacon of hope and peace in the X-Men universe.

With his mind-reading abilities and a dream of mutant and human coexistence, you'd think he'd be everyone's favorite mutant mentor. But hold onto your cerebro helmets - not everyone's buying what Professor X is selling. Despite his noble intentions, some of Xavier's choices have fans scratching their heads faster than Quicksilver running a marathon. From keeping some pretty hefty secrets from his own team to making questionable decisions that put his X-Men in direct danger, Professor X has occasionally crossed the line from wise sage to "What were you thinking, Charles?" territory.

Now, let's get this straight - Professor X is undoubtedly a legend in his own right.

But even legends can have their off days, and for Charles, those off days involve a bit of ethical murkiness that would make even Magneto pause and say, "Dude, really?" Take, for instance, his penchant for erasing memories or manipulating minds to serve the greater good. In theory, it sounds like a neat party trick, but in practice, it's a privacy nightmare that would have any mutant calling for a telepathic GDPR. Then there's his sometimes overbearing paternalism, treating grown adults like they're still in mutant middle school. It's these moments of moral ambiguity and control-freak tendencies that land him on the list of most disliked characters.

We all love to root for Professor X, the visionary, but there's also a time to wag a finger at Professor X, the mind-meddler. It's a complicated relationship, but hey, that's family for you - even when it's a family of mutants.