10 most disliked X-Men characters, ranked

Let's look at 10 X-Men movie characters that fans just didn't take to and see if they each deserve their spots on this list.

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10. Toad

Toad was a character with the potential to be as slick and formidable as any in the comic universe, but instead, he hops into the X-Men movie saga with all the grace of a wet sock at a dance party.

Toad, played by Ray Park (the same actor who brought Darth Maul to life in the Star Wars movies) in the 2000 X-Men movie, squirms his way into our "disliked" list not because he's the villain we love to hate, but because he turned out to be a bit of a letdown. With powers that could have set the screen ablaze (or at least made for some seriously cool action scenes), Toad ends up being remembered more for his, well, toad-like qualities: jumping high, sticking to walls, and that infamous long tongue. It's like expecting a dragon and getting a gecko instead.

But why does Toad leapfrog into the list of most disliked characters? It's partly because he had so much untapped potential. Imagine a character who could have been depicted as a dark, complex antihero or a formidable adversary with a backstory as intriguing as his abilities. Instead, he was relegated to the role of "that weird guy" in Magneto's team, his screen time filled with antics that were more slimy than sinister.

The movie's Toad felt like a missed opportunity, a character who could have added depth and darkness to the X-Men's roster of villains, but instead ended up as the punchline to a joke nobody quite remembered to laugh at. And so, in the grand ensemble of mutants that populate the X-Men universe, Toad hops into the spotlight not for the might-have-beens but for embodying the gap between potential greatness and the somewhat sticky reality.