10 most disliked X-Men characters, ranked

Let's look at 10 X-Men movie characters that fans just didn't take to and see if they each deserve their spots on this list.

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6. Jean Grey/Phoenix

Oh, Jean Grey, where to start with you?

A character with the potential to be as awe-inspiring as the cosmic force she wields, yet she finds herself fluttering like a leaf caught in the whirlwind of fan discontent. Jean Grey, one of the coolest redheads ever and one of the most powerful mutants, capable of telepathy and telekinesis, steps into the fiery shoes of the Phoenix. This transformation should have been epic, right? But when X-Men: The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix rolled around, it was like expecting a gourmet meal and getting a lukewarm, soggy pizza instead.

The Phoenix Saga, a storyline so rich and complex in the comics, was boiled down to a mere shadow of its potential on screen. Fans were left scratching their heads, wondering why Jean's journey from powerful mutant to cosmic entity felt more like a stumble in the park than the epic odyssey it was meant to be. Also, I have to put it out there that Sophie Turner did not do it for me as Jean Grey. Love the girl to pieces and I think she's really talented, but I'm not a fan of her portrayal. Famke Janssen, though... Yes, please.

Let's talk about the rollercoaster of Jean's character arc. It's as if the movies couldn't decide whether Jean was a misunderstood hero or a villain in distress. One moment, she's the heart of the X-Men, the next, she's unleashing chaos with the flick of her wrist, often leaving viewers to ponder, "Wait, why is she doing that again?" This inconsistency made Jean's storyline feel disjointed, robbing her character of the depth and development she deserved.

Fans of the fiery Phoenix expected a blaze of glory but were met with a series of sparks that never quite ignited the bonfire we were promised. Jean Grey's portrayal in these films serves as a cautionary tale of how not to handle a beloved character's transition from page to screen, leaving her as one of the most puzzlingly disliked characters in the X-Men movie universe.