10 most disliked X-Men characters, ranked

Let's look at 10 X-Men movie characters that fans just didn't take to and see if they each deserve their spots on this list.

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3. Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr

Magneto, the master of magnetism and the frequent thorn in the X-Men's side, finds himself in a curious spot on our list.

It's not because he lacks charm or power - far from it. Erik Lehnsherr, with his tragic backstory, deep conviction, and Ian McKellen's magnetic (pun intended) portrayal paired with Michael Fassbender's excellent performance, has mesmerized audiences for years. Yet, he's also one of the most polarizing figures in the X-Men universe. Why? Well, it's all about the "how" with him.

His goal to protect mutantkind from human oppression is noble at its core, but his methods - oh boy, his methods - are where things get dicey. Magneto's "ends justify the means" approach, often involving grand schemes and a willingness to sacrifice innocent lives, makes him a character you'd love to understand but often dislike for his actions. His complex morality is a rollercoaster that sometimes sends fans screaming in frustration.

Then there's the frenemy dynamic with Professor X, adding layers to why Magneto earns his spot among the most controversial. Their chess-like battles of ideology and ethics present a fascinating dichotomy: Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence versus Magneto's militant separatism. This ideological clash, while intellectually stimulating, leaves fans divided. On one hand, Magneto's resilience and tragic past evoke sympathy and understanding; on the other, his sometimes ruthless actions and stubbornness to see beyond his pain make you wish he'd just take a chill pill and listen to Charles for once.

His character's complexity and unpredictability, swinging like a pendulum between antagonist and anti-hero, make him a character whose actions you can't always get behind, even if you get where he's coming from. Magneto, with his magnetic personality and equally repelling actions, truly earns his spot on this list - not for lack of love, but for the passionate debates he sparks on morality, justice, and how not to redecorate cities with your mind.