4 reasons Jensen Ackles should play Batman in live-action (and 2 reasons he shouldn't)

When the idea of casting the next live-action Batman comes up, Jensen Ackles' name is always in the mix. But is he the right person to play the Dark Knight?

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Jensen Ackles’ time as Dean Winchester in Supernatural turned him into a nerd icon. He was a burger and pie-eating, demon-killing, vampire-slaying, cool hunter. After 15 seasons and over 300 episodes, Ackles (semi) retired the character. Since then, he’s continued to appear in genre projects like The Boys and Gen V as Soldier Boy, and Batman in multiple DC Comics animated projects.

Speaking of Batman, Ackles' name is always brought up in the discussion of who should play the next live-action version. He has a lot of attributes that would make him a great choice. There’s also a few that could disqualify him. Coming up are the top four reasons he should and two reasons he shouldn’t be Batman/Bruce Wayne in James Gunn’s DCU.

Should: He’s been Batman

As it was mentioned earlier, Jensen Ackles has voiced Batman and Bruce Wayne. It may seem like a small feat, but it’s not. Batman’s voice is important. For example, as great as he was in the role, it's something Christian Bale was criticized for. Ackles has the voice down. Maybe he should take over where Kevin Conroy left off.

Shouldn’t: We need an unknown actor

There’s a lot of pressure to play Batman. When you’re a known actor, the tension is amplified. Some comic book fans will assume that Ackles would automatically be the perfect Dark Knight. But that's an unreasonable expectation that will lead to frustrated fans. If a little-known or new actor is brought in, it lessens the hype and increases the hope.

Jensen Ackles
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Should: He’s got the look

Ackles can look like a billionaire and would be believable when in the costume. Both are key to playing any superhero or villain. This was part of the problem when Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman. People didn’t think he had the look — all many could see was Edward Cullen from Twilight — while fans of his other projects knew he could be both brooding and a playboy. Ackles can do the same.

Shouldn’t: Is he too old?

This isn’t 27-year-old Ackles in season 1 of Supernatural. He’s currently 45 years old with a decade-plus of playing an action star. That's going to take a toll on the human body. Especially someone who's over 40.

If he was cast today, he’d be 48-plus by the project ended. If he did more than one movie, he’d be in his 50s. An older actor may not be the right choice for this if the plan is for Batman to be around for a while. 

Should: He’s older 

Allow me to contradict myself. If the reports are true, DC is looking for an older Batman who looks like they could have a teenage son (Damian Wayne). If that’s the case, Ackles is perfect. Plus, Ackles pulls off the weathered look and Batman always looks like he needs a nap.

Should: He has personality

An underrated part of Batman and Bruce Wayne is he isn’t always serious. There are times when he’s actually funny. It’s part of the reason that the Batman in Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimted is adored. The creators knew to give him a personality. Making him more than the dreary Dark Knight can go a long way to a successful franchise. 

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Would you cast Jensen Ackles as Batman? Do you have someone else in mind to play the Dark Knight?