RWBY: 11 strongest characters ranked from weakest to most powerful

In a show where kids wield insanely dangerous weapons and have incredibly unique powers, where do the best characters from RWBY fall?
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11. Adam Taurus

Ever have that one really abusive ex who likes to say the evilest, most manipulative things to you while attacking you (mentally and physically) relentlessly? That's Adam Taurus for you in a nutshell. As much as I loathe his existence, Adam is a fascinating character with impressive abilities and a complex personality. But when it comes to raw strength and combat prowess, he unfortunately makes it to my ranking

Adam's combat style and abilities are noteworthy. He wields a sword named Wilt and a rifle named Blush, making him a tough opponent in both close and ranged combat. However, what sets Adam apart is his semblance, Moonslice, which allows him to absorb energy from enemy attacks and release it in a powerful strike - slightly similar to Yang's. While this sounds incredibly powerful, it's important to note that his semblance requires precision timing and a good deal of strategy, making it less effective against more unpredictable or overwhelming opponents. This reliance on a specific condition to unleash his full potential and the fact he's an asshole are key reasons why he doesn't rank higher.

Adam's strength isn't just about his physical capabilities - it's also about his mental and emotional state. He's driven by personal vendettas and emotions, which most definitely cloud his judgment and strategy in battle. While this can sometimes fuel his determination, it can also be his downfall as it ultimately was, making him prone to underestimating his opponents or getting caught off guard. In the RWBY universe, battles are as much about mental and emotional resilience as they are about physical strength, and Adam's tendency to let personal feelings interfere with his combat effectiveness is a significant factor in his ranking. This aspect of his character highlights the importance of balance between physical strength and mental/emotional stability - an area where other characters in the series tend to have a much better blend. Also, the fact he finally gets killed by two people he completely underestimated and tortured makes me insanely happy.