Someone wants to play Ghost Rider very badly (and he'd be perfect for the role)

He has the acting talent, the endorsement from Marvel's top brass, and the potential to bring something new and exciting to the MCU.
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Hold onto your flaming chains, Marvel fans, because someone very exciting is keen on landing the role of Johnny Blaze in the new and upcoming Ghost Rider show.

In a wonderful interview with Josh Horowitz, none other than Ryan Gosling expressed his desire to play the role, with Horowitz actually supporting Gosling with his wishes and even trying to help a little.

I am so here for this!! Can you imagine the heartthrob from The Notebook trading in his charming smile for a skull engulfed in flames? It's a wild idea, but let's be honest - wild is exactly what the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might need right now.

From playing a romantic lead in La La Land to a stoic driver in Drive, Gosling has shown us that he is Kenough and can do it all. Now, picture him as Johnny Blaze, the daredevil stunt motorcyclist who makes a pact with the devil and becomes the Spirit of Vengeance. Gosling's ability to dive deep into his roles means we can expect a Ghost Rider who is not just cool and badass but also layered with emotional depth. He can bring the internal struggle of Johnny Blaze to life - the battle between his humanity and his cursed alter ego. Plus, Gosling has already shown he can handle the intensity and physicality required for an action-packed superhero role - his most recent role in The Fall Guy was basically training for the MCU.

Kevin Feige, the big boss of Marvel Studios, seems on board with the idea too according to Horowitz's interview. When the president of Marvel Studios gives a thumbs up, you know it's something special. Gosling shared the magical moment when Feige endorsed him for the role. “This was a magical moment,” Gosling said. “I told Josh I would like to play Ghost Rider. He found Kevin Feige, corners him, does an interview with him. When he says, 'I would like this,' all the lights go off.”

The stars are literally aligning for Gosling to step into the fiery boots of Ghost Rider. And let's not forget, Feige's track record with casting is pretty impeccable. If he thinks Gosling can do it, he can do it and we should trust him.

Ryan Gosling
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Another reason this casting would be epic is the potential for new stories. The MCU is diving deeper into the supernatural with shows like Werewolf by Night and Agatha All Along. Introducing Ghost Rider would fit perfectly into this mystical corner of the Marvel Universe. Imagine Gosling’s Ghost Rider teaming up with these characters for a Midnight Sons ensemble. The thought of Ghost Rider, with his fiery chains and hellish motorcycle, joining forces with other supernatural heroes is enough to make any Marvel fan giddy with excitement. Gosling’s Ghost Rider could redefine the character for a new generation. The previous Ghost Rider movies starring Nicolas Cage didn’t exactly set the world on fire (pun intended). They were fun in their own right but didn't quite capture the character's full potential. With Gosling, there's a chance to create a Ghost Rider that is darker, more intense, and deeply connected to the rich lore of the comics. He could bring a fresh take that balances the horror elements with the character's redemptive arc.

And let’s not forget the visual spectacle! Ryan Gosling as a flaming skeleton on a hellfire motorcycle? Yes, please! The special effects in the MCU are top-notch, and they could create some truly jaw-dropping scenes with Ghost Rider. Epic chases, supernatural showdowns, and the stunning transformation of Johnny Blaze into Ghost Rider - all brought to life with the latest in CGI technology.

Ryan Gosling as Ghost Rider is an idea that just makes sense.

He has the acting talent, the endorsement from Marvel's top brass, and the potential to bring something new and exciting to the MCU. So, let’s all cross our fingers and hope that this casting dream becomes a reality. The MCU could use a little more fire, and who better to bring the heat than Ryan Gosling as the one and only Ghost Rider?

Make it happen, Marvel!

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