Top 13 Supes from The Boys ranked from weakest to strongest

Love them or hate them, the Supes from The Boys are pretty strong - but how do they rank among each other?
Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios
Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios /

Welcome to the ultimate Supe Showdown, where we rank the heroes (and villains!) from Prime Video's wild ride, The Boys from weakest to strongest.

These aren't your everyday superheroes - they’re a mixed bag of nuts with powers ranging from the bizarre to the downright terrifying. Imagine getting hit with a dose of Compound V, the secret sauce that turns Average Joes into Supes in just a few moments - or, you know, kills you terribly if it's not compatible with you. This nifty little concoction is cooked up by Vought International, who are more about cash and flash than truth and justice. Giving someone Compound V in hopes to turn them into a superhero is like flipping a genetic lottery ticket where some folks get the power to shoot lasers from their eyes, and others… well, they might just end up looking like they got hit by a bus. It’s a wild ride from lab rats to red carpet, and let’s be honest, it’s not always pretty. But hey, that’s showbiz, and in The Boys, showbiz is a full-contact sport. 

So, secure your capes, because we're diving headfirst into the power pool of The Seven and then some. Let’s find out who's merely making waves and who's causing tsunamis in the super-verse.

13. Mesmer

Mesmer is the ultimate human USB stick in the twisted universe of The Boys. This dude’s superpower might sound cool at a party - imagine just high-fiving someone and boom, you've downloaded their entire weekend escapades. But let’s be real, when the fists start flying and the lasers start zapping, Mesher’s more like a sitting duck than a secret weapon. Sure, he can dig up your most embarrassing memory with a handshake, but in a throwdown? He's about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. So while he's great for a gossip session, don't count on him to save the day unless it's with a killer revelation from your past.

12. Popclaw

Popclaw has these wicked retractable claws that could carve up a Thanksgiving turkey in one swipe. But outside of her personal space bubble, she’s about as intimidating as a kitten in a yarn shop. Sure, she can lift a couch with one hand but don’t expect her to toss any baddies from the rooftop - unless they’re really up close and personal. So, while she’s a champ in a claw-clenching tussle, in the grand scheme of super shenanigans, she’s just not the long-range warrior type. But hey, every team needs a close-quarters champ, right?

"The Boys" Ep102 D02Photo: Jan Thijs 2018
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

11. The Deep

Ah, The Deep, the Supe who’s more at home under the sea than on dry land, with his best buds being dolphins (and octopi) and talking to lobsters for the latest gossip. The Deep is basically the Aquaman next door, just a lot less regal and a lot more… complicated. With a knack for chatting up every fish in the sea and muscles that bulk up with every wave, he’s your go-to guy for anything that involves getting your toes wet. But put him on land? Well, let’s just say he’s like a fish out of water - literally. Whether he’s saving the oceans or just making waves at Vought’s PR events, The Deep sure knows how to keep it interesting, but outside his watery domain, he's just a regular Supe who can't do much other than punch a human to death.

10. Translucent

Translucent is the invisible man equivalent of The Boys, whose party trick is turning see-through faster than you can say "Where'd he go?" With skin that flips into diamond-hard armor, he's the ultimate peekaboo champion - perfect for sneaking around and overhearing all the secrets (and yeah, maybe snagging the last donut without anyone noticing). But while he can dodge punches by vanishing into thin air, throwing one back isn't really his style. His fighting technique is more hide-and-seek than knock-your-socks-off. So if you’re looking for the guy who's there but not there, who can take a hit but not dish it out, Translucent is your man - just don’t expect him to lead the charge unless it’s into a room he can quietly disappear in.

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The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video /

9. A-Train

This guy zips around so fast, you’d need a slow-mo camera just to catch him tying his shoes. A-Train isn’t just about breaking speed limits - he’s about smashing them into a million tiny pieces. With the power to sprint through cities like they’re just lines on a map, he’s the ultimate blur in blue. But while he can run faster than a cheetah on a sugar rush, that’s pretty much his whole party trick. When it comes to the superhero talent show, he’s all about that one-hit wonder. No lasers from his eyes or talking to fish - just pure, unadulterated speed. So, if you need someone to get from point A to point B before you can blink, A-Train’s your man. Just don’t ask him to do much else, or you might be disappointed.

8. Lamplighter

Need a light? Lamplighter’s your guy, turning up the heat wherever he goes, roasting bad guys like marshmallows at a campfire. But here’s the hot gossip - playing with fire is as risky as it sounds. Our Pyro pal has to be careful not to turn his allies into toast or accidentally set the curtains ablaze. And let’s not forget, lighting up like a Christmas tree isn’t exactly subtle. So, while Lamplighter can bring the heat like no other, he’s got to watch his back (and front, and sides - really, just all over) to make sure his fiery flair doesn’t backfire.

The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback”
The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback” Courtesy Prime Video /

7. Supersonic

Think of A-Train, then crank the agility up a notch, and you’ve got a hero who’s not just fast - he’s fast and nimble. This guy can dodge, weave, and sprint like he’s playing a high-speed game of tag with the laws of physics. Whether he’s zigzagging through a maze of bad guys or making a pit stop to save kittens in a tree, Supersonic is your blur of bravery on the go. More versatile than your favorite Swiss army knife, he’s the kind of Supe who can turn on a dime at Mach speeds. If you blink, you’ll definitely miss him - while you’re still figuring out what’s happening, he’s already there and back again. 

The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

6. Starlight

With the power to conjure light out of thin air, she’s like a walking, talking flashlight with an unlimited battery - only way cooler. Whether she’s lighting up a villain’s day with a bright beam of justice or throwing up a light shield to protect the innocent, Starlight shines in any showdown. Offensive? Defensive? She does it all with a twinkle in her eye and a glow in her heart. And let’s be honest, who needs a nightlight when you’ve got a superhero who can literally light up the night? Starlight isn’t just a beacon of hope; she’s a full-on light show in a cape.

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

5. Queen Maeve

Step aside, mere mortals, because Queen Maeve is here to show how it’s done - warrior style! This she-shield of steel isn’t just strong; she’s practically indestructible. With fists that could punch through walls and a stare that could freeze lava, she’s a one-woman army. But even though she’s as tough as they come, she’s still a step behind the super-duper top tier of The Boys’ universe. Don’t be fooled, though - Queen Maeve can definitely throw down with the best of them, and watching her in action is like seeing poetry in a very violent motion. She’s the blend of might and right, keeping it real in a world gone wild with power.

"The Boys" Ep103 D05Photo: Jan Thijs 2018
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

4. Black Noir II

Black Noir II is the sequel to the original Mystery Man in black but with a little less shadow and a tad more spotlight. Like your favorite action movie reboot, he’s got all the moves: super strength, lightning-fast agility, and combat skills that could make a ninja weep. But here’s the twist - he doesn’t quite send chills down everyone’s spine like his predecessor. Sure, he can play with the best of them, and yes, he looks cool doing it, but he’s missing that eerie “Who’s that behind the mask?” vibe. Think of him as your friendly neighborhood ninja, the type who might just as easily help an old lady cross the street as he would battle it out with baddies. Black Noir II might not be the Supe you call for a scare, but he’s definitely the one you want in a scrappy showdown.

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios /

3. Stormfront

She’s not just powerful - she’s a walking thunderstorm with the kind of super strength that can turn skyscrapers into pebbles. Add flying into the mix, and she’s basically a hurricane with a human face. Zap! There she goes, zipping through the sky, throwing bolts of lightning like they’re going out of style. But don’t let the shock and awe fool you - her rise to power had a bit of a dark cloud hanging over it, leading to a stormy downfall. Stormfront’s the kind of Supe that brings the boom and the doom, proving that even the mightiest can get grounded. 

2. Black Noir

This silent-but-deadly Supe is like the shadow lurking at your superhero party - always there, but you never see him coming until it’s too late. Decked out in a suit that screams “I mean business,” Black Noir is all about peak human strength, ninja-like agility, and combat moves that could make a martial arts master weep with envy. Whether he’s sneaking up on the bad guys or just standing ominously in the corner, he’s the epitome of stealth and danger wrapped up in one. With Black Noir around, villains don’t stand a chance; they’ll be down and out before they even know what hit ’em. Shh, did you hear something? Nope? Exactly

The Boys Season 4 Teaser Art- Homelander
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

1. Homelander

it is time to talk about the king of the castle, the big cheese, the head honcho of havoc: Homelander. Sitting pretty at the top of the Supe food chain, this guy is what happens when you mix superhero ingredients in a blender and set it to “Overkill.” Flying? Check. Super strength that makes weightlifters weep? Double-check. Laser vision that can cut through just about anything? Oh yeah, he’s got that too. And let’s not forget, he’s almost impossible to hurt - like trying to squash a bug made of titanium. But it’s not just his powers that have folks crossing the street when they see him coming - it’s his charm that flips faster than a pancake at a Sunday brunch. He’s the poster boy for “love to hate him,” reigning supreme not only because he can lift a truck with one hand, but also because he can stare down any challenge with those laser-beaming eyes. Whether he’s "saving the day" according to his own definition or wreaking a little havoc, Homelander is the Supe everyone loves to watch… from a very, very safe distance.

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