Wolverine's 10 best love interests ranked

Wolverine has loved and lost more than anyone and these ten women prove that better than any of them.
You Don't Know WOLVERINE, Bub?!
You Don't Know WOLVERINE, Bub?! / Marvel Entertainment
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2. Jean Grey

Jean and Logan are together in multiple realities. In this one, her love was for Cyclops. Both X-Men have fought for her love since the day they met. In the end, Jean always chose Cyclops, but she and Logan have kissed (and maybe more) behind Scott’s back. Things changed in the Krakoan era. The relationship between Cyclops and Jean was turned into a love triangle.

Logan and Jean always had a connection. Jean felt it even if she never admitted it to either of her loves. Having her, Cyclops, and Wolverine together makes sense. With Krakoa going away from social norms, why not let them do what makes them happy?

1. Storm

One thing you don’t see often is a happy Wolverine. When he was with Storm, Logan always had a smile on his face. She brings a side out of him that no one else can. Maybe it's the way he challenges him and sees things that other people don't.

Unlike his connection to Jean, Storm and Wolverine have acted on their impulses for years. Sometimes it was something as simple as a kiss. Other times it was hidden like a meet-up in the Danger Room that didn’t involve training (read Wolverine and the X-Men No. 24 for more on that).

People will go to T’Challa being the love of Storm’s life, but he isn’t. Their marriage seemed random and forced. With Wolverine, it was built over time. Hopefully, they’ll be together in the future. It’s doubtful, but I can hope.

Who is your favorite relationship with Wolverine? How would you rank them?

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