X-Men: Charles Xavier kills (SPOILER) during Rise of the Powers of X

Charles Xavier rewards one of his X-Men by shooting them in the back. However, things aren't what they seem.

FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Orchis’ assault on mutants hit all of the X-Men hard. However, Charles Xavier could be hurting more than anyone. He was the first person Moira MacTaggert approached about her goal for mutant prosperity (House of X No. 2). They believed Krakoa was the only way their dream could be met. Orchis’ invasion and Moira MacTaggert's betrayal ruined those plans.

Eventually, Charles got off the sidelines and started to fight back. The initial plan was to kill Moira before her mutant powers manifested. That would stop her from restarting her life, prevent Krakoa from being established, avert the mutant massacre, and keep mutants safe.

As Xavier's about to execute a young Moira in the past, Rachel Grey stops him. She asks for a chance to change his mind. As Charles agrees, Rachel connects him with her team. Readers don’t know what he’s told, but it makes him cry and stop his mission.

Before leaving, Xavier enters Moira’s mind. He puts something in her mind and makes her forget that this moment happened. Again, readers don’t know what was said. That will likely come in the next issue of Dead X-Men or Rise of the Powers of X No. 4.

When Xavier returns to No-Place X, he allows Rasputin IV to kill the Doug Ramsey clone with the mind of Mr. Sinister. This officially stops their previous plan. After that, Rachel chastizes Xavier for attempting to kill Moira. Xavier is saddened that they have to try things differently and even more so with what he has to do next. When Rachel turns around, Xavier shoots her.

Don’t worry, there’s no way Rachel stays dead. Before Charles shoots her, Rachel says they have to resurrect the Phoenix. In the past, Jean Grey had to die to unleash those powers. Xavier probably knows the quickest way to resurrect the Phoenix Force is to kill Rachel.

Another reason is the ongoing Marvel comic book Phoenix debuting later this year. Most people assume it’ll star Jean Grey, but Jean is currently dying in X-Men: Forever (not that death has stopped her before). Could Rachel Grey be the series' star? A new person using the Phoenix Force in an ongoing series is a good way to appeal to new readers.

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