Marvel: Nimrod betrayed the humans like we knew they would

The X-Men's battle against Orchis during the Marvel Comics crossover Fall of X got more complicated. Nimrod and the other robots have turned against Orchis.
X-Men: DESTINY OF X Trailer | Marvel Comics
X-Men: DESTINY OF X Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

The Marvel Comics war between Orchis and the mutants started in 2019 (House of X and Powers of X). Charles Xavier sent a team of X-Men, consisting of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Archangel, Nightcrawler, Husk, Penance, Mystique, and Wolverine, to the sun’s orbit to destroy Orchis’ sentinel-making machine, the Mother Mold. They succeeded but they also made things worse.

During the mission, Orchis captain Erasmus Mendel was killed, and his wife (Alia Gregor) transferred his mind into a Nimrod sentinel. Erasmus was now a cold-hearted machine. If they never attacked Orchis, the X-Men would only have to deal with Sentinels. Now they're dealing with sentinels with artificial intelligence and Nimrod.

Soon after, Orchis gathered the most devious scientific minds on Earth like M.O.D.O.K. and Dr. Status (a clone of Nathaniel Essex). They also recruited magic users like Mother Righteous (a clone of Nathaniel Essex’s wife) and the mutant Selene.

The humans thought they were partners with Nimrod, Moira MacTaggert (who's now a robot), and the Omega Sentinel in this endeavor. In a twisted turn of events, the robots were planning for the arrival of their gods, Dominion/Phalanx (as predicted during Powers of X No. 5). At the end of X-Men No. 33, the robots released their biggest threat: A dome called Sentinel City was raised above Earth. They were officially ready to embrace Dominion.

As shocking as this was to Orchis, the X-Men and the readers saw this coming. In most of the X-Men’s tragic futures, the robots take over. They don’t discriminate between mutants and humans. To them, it’s them and everything else. Orchis not seeing this coming isn’t shocking either. This is a typical case of villain arrogance. There were signs throughout the series. Cyclops mentions one in the Fall of the House of X No. 1.

While the Omega Sentinel and Dr. Gregor interrogate him, Cyclops asks what happens when the last mutant dies. When Dr. Gregor replies, Cyclops smiles and says the question wasn’t for her. He was talking to the Omega Sentinel who, rather than answer, changed the topic.

During the Fall of the House of X, Dr. Gregor is killed by Nimrod. This proves that none of her husband was left in him. Now, no one left to reason with Nimrod, Sentinel City is orbiting Earth, and Feillong lost control of his Iron Man Sentinels (Iron Man No. 17). It’s not an exaggeration to say this is the worst the X-Men have had it. However, the Phoenix may return and Moira could switch sides.

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