No More Oracle? Arrow Producers Change Name Of Felicity's Origin Episode

Maybe it was all just a cruel tease to hardcore fans of DC comics. Or maybe the people running the show at Arrow decided they didn’t want to mislead hopeful viewers by making connections that aren’t actually going to play out.

Whatever the reason, IGN reports that the Season 3 episode that gives us more insight into the backstory of Felicity Smoak will no longer be titled “Oracle.” It was an exciting possibility for two reasons: one was that Felicity serves much the same role for Team Arrow as the pre-New 52 Barbara Gordon did for the Batman family, and the other was that it would lead to a more definitive TV appearance for the Birds of Prey, the mostly female crime-fighting team of which Oracle was a member.

Instead, the episode will have the decidedly more mundane and straightforward title of “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.” It’s hard to get any mistaken notions of what it’s about now!

We will see Felicity’s mom in the episode, but probably not her dad by the sound of it. Still, as long as the showrunners don’t renege on their promise to have Oliver Queen ask Felicity out on a date, her vocal online fans won’t get too upset.

Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow return to action October 8 on The CW.

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