Find Out Who Survived The Cataclysm In Survive #1


In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, there’s some good news and some bad news now that Cataclysm is over. The good news is that Earth’s heroes banded together and were able to fend off Galactus. The bad news is that New York is somewhat the worse for wear, not all of the Ultimates survived the battle, and even the ones who did aren’t in the best of shape.

As writer Brian Michael Bendis told

"You’ve got all these characters [that] have been through hell together and now they’re coming out the other side and they’re kind of committed to each other, now that Captain America’s gone and some other characters aren’t making it back."

Of course tragedy is often the backdrop for some good stories, which is what Marvel is hoping to present with the next chapter of the Ultimate Universe in Survive #1. Joined by artist Joe Quinones, Bendis is promising “a lot of emotion, a lot of drama, a lot of people making some disastrous mistakes both in their professional and in their personal lives.”

More importantly, we’ll find out exactly who made it through the fight with Galactus, who’s no longer with us and what the future holds for S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus a new (and younger) team of Ultimates will emerge.

Check out some preview pages of Survive #1 below (just click to blow them up to full size), and look for it when it goes on sale March 26.