Carnage will be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game I want to look back at rumours tha..."/> Carnage will be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game I want to look back at rumours tha..."/>

Will Carnage be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film?



With the news breaking that Carnage will be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game I want to look back at rumours that the sickening red symbiote wielding mass murderer Cletus Kasady will be making a small cameo in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, presumably to set up a later appearance in either the future Amazing Spider-Man sequels or the Venom or Sinister Six spin-offs.

in Summer last year a rumour was spread that Kick Ass 2 & Ace Ventura actor Jim Carrey had landed an unspecified role in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. The rumour was started on Super Hero Hype where a user said that a family member was working on Amazing Spider-Man 2 and had noticed an actor that hadn’t been announced. Following that the unidentified actor was revealed to be Jim Carrey as one Twitter user posted a video of himself and Carrey on the set of the Amazing Spider-Man film.

The Twitter photo was taken back in March which is when Webb was shooting scenes in the super villain prison Ravencroft Institute. This sparked people to speculate that Carrey wouldn’t be playing J Jonah Jameson as some thought, but would instead be appearing as one of Spider-Man’s villains.

It was then later speculated by Spider-Man super-fan Sevenwebheads that Carrey was not only in the film but would be appearing as one of two villains, Mysterio or Carnage. Cletus Kasady was a psychotic criminal incarcerated in Rykers (another prison in Spider-Man) who became Carnage after sharing a cell with Eddie Brock (who was Venom). So if Webb is indeed setting up a possible Venom or Sinister Six film it makes sense that Carrey is Carnage.

Now regardless of whether or not Carrey is in the film or not it seems like a bit of a stretch that a man who recently separated himself from Kick Ass-2 because he didn’t like the level of gratuitous violence it displayed will be playing one of Spider-Mans most demented and violent villains in Cletus Kasady/Carnage, but then again stranger things have happened.

I would like to see Carnage in future Spider-Man films and Carrey would be a fantastic villain if his turn as the Riddler is anything to go by. I’m just not entirely sure that it’s going to happen. Still with so many things out in the open it’s very possible that there are one or two unspoiled surprises left for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and this might be one of them.

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