Donald Menken to become the Vulture?


Donald Menken at Ravencroft

Sure we all know that ‘really’ the Vulture is played be a man called Adrian Toomes. However when Colm Feore was announced to be in Amazing Spider-Man 2 everyone assumed he would be the Vulture because he has the perfect look for the flight-abled villain. However Feore would go on to play Donald Menken of OsCorp and those hopes seemed to have faded away.

However with Amazing Spider-Man 2 now out, and having seen it, I believe that it’s very possible that we could see Menken take on the mantle of the Vulture. I personally thought that Menken was the most convincing villain in the movie, his manipulations of Harry and takeover of OsCorp as well as devotion to Norman Osborn were great and I’m glad that the character managed to survive the movie so that we can see him again.

How they’d have Menken becoming the Vulture in the future I don’t know. Nor do I know how they’ll handle the fact that Harry Osborn (Green Goblin) who seems to be organising the Sinister Six really doesn’t seem to get on with Menken’s character. All I know is that if Dr. Kafka can be teased to become Doctor Octopus then Donald Menken can be the Vulture.

If you want my honest opinion I can see Menken donning the Vulture harness for Amazing Spider-Man 3 and he’ll get beaten by Spider-Man, which would allow Harry and Menken to adopt the mantra ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and join forces to take down Spider-Man.

But all of this is essentially stemming from the fact that I, and many other people, really want Colm Feore to be the Vulture. Of course none of this will happen if the rumoured gender swap of the Vulture happens and Adrian Toomes ends up being a woman. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

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