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Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Daily Bugle viral site Easter-egg


Daily Bugle Truck on Amazing Spider-Man 2 set

One of my favourite marketing tools that Sony are using right now for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise is the viral site Daily Bugle on Tumblr that is posting faux-reports from the world of Spider-Man and hinting at many exciting characters and possibly what to expect in future films.

The site has referenced J. Jonah Jameson and other Spider-Man villains such as Hydro-Man, Vulture and Spencer Smythe. Essentially it’s been a constant source of brilliant Spider-Man easter eggs to get fans excited. But recently it itself became the Easter Egg as the Daily Bugle’s social media advertising made its way into the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

In the scene where Spider-Man first takes down Aleksei and is dodging the machine gun fire ‘Matrix’ style you can see a banner in the background advertising the Daily Bugle. This isn’t the first reference in the film as J. Jonah Jameson is mentioned several times and we even get to see an email sent by him! Check out the picture of the Daily Bugle Easter Egg below.

Spider-Man viral website Daily Bugle virally advertised via an Easter-egg in Amazing Spider-Man 2

Personally I think this clever marketing is genius from Sony advertising their viral website for Spider-Man by putting an Easter-egg in the film itself. If you haven’t checked out the Daily Bugle site yet then make sure you do it’s a very good read and has tons of Spider-Man goodies.

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