WonderCon is a difficult event to cove..."/> WonderCon is a difficult event to cove..."/>

WonderCon 2014 – Sarah Carter Talks Falling Skies: “Karen Comes Back”


WonderCon is a difficult event to cover if you’re trying to glean information from a show whose new season has yet to premiere. That’s the case with Falling Skies. The actors have to be very careful to not give away too much about what’s coming, but Sarah Carter did offer some nice tidbits to tide over fans.

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New executive producer and showrunner David Eick is responsible for the shake up that has everyone separated at the start of the upcoming season. This invariably has an effect on Carter’s character, Maggie, as “there’s a lot of time that [love interest] Hal and Maggie are not together.” This inevitably leads to a bit of a love triangle.

Not with romantic rival Karen (Jessy Schram), though, who was killed by Maggie in season three. Carter did tease that Karen does come back in season four “in a way. It’s more of a homage. She’s the reason for a lot of what happens still.”

More than anyone else, Maggie’s character arc has become one about love and all its complexities. But with dynamics changing as characters are separated, Maggie’s taking more of a leadership role. Carter describes what her character sees and goes through this season as the “most outrageous, it’s the most sci-fi the show has ever gone.”

Falling Skies season four premieres June 22 on TNT.