Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay walkthrough diary: Day 3


Shocker in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Shocking confrontation in Oscorp 

After trying and failing to satisfy J.Jonah Jameson with a picture of the Oscorp logo I called it a day after remembering that there’s a very literal hostage situation and siege going on in Oscorp and I’ve been faffing about hanging off of a helicopter with a camera. Luckily for me the armed thugs and raiders all waited for me to arrive.

After landing on a roof-top balcony next to a burning helicopter wreckage Spider-Man is immediately set upon by some Russians, meaning that as well as Schultz’ gang there are Russians here as well. They mostly have guns and flash-bang grenades but they’re easily taken down, as is the helicopter wreckage which disintegrates when you web-pull it.

What then follows is a sequence straight out of Mission Impossible where you abseil or straight-up fall down a series of air ducts and pipes in order to find access to Oscorp. You also need to slow down spinning rotor blades with webbing. It’s all fairly easy stuff and eventually you find yourself overlooking Max Dillon and others being held hostage by thugs.

You’re given the choice of using stealth or just flying in all webs blazing. I tried stealth and it worked for the first two people and then annoyingly the other bad guys (there are five) saw me and wanted a proper fight, so I knocked them out. I also picked up a voice recording from Harry Osborn which was on a table.

We’re then treated to a nice little dialogue scene with Max Dillon where he’s essentially the same Spider-Man obsessed down-on-his-luck socially awkward electrical engineer we see in the film. He builds a false sense of self-worth from Spider-Man (you) telling him that he’s ‘your eyes and ears’ (a quote straight from the film) and that he’s your ‘partner’.

Before Dillon opens a door for you to go and cool down a nuclear reactor before it blows up Manhattan you can check out Vultures wings in the corner of the room. Luckily before doing this challenge I checked my messages and J.Jonah Jameson wanted a picture of the flight harness so I snapped one, it was good enough and I moved on.

After some more arbitrary and completely simplistic puzzle solving in web-pulling some levers to cool the reactor a bevy of thugs emerge with crates containing weapons and conveniently situate themselves all around the multi-storied room. You need to beat them up, again through stealth or brawn and secure the weapons crates. This was actually difficult because I’m no good at controlling Spider-Man to maintain a stealth element so I ended up getting shot at a lot.

But, once you’ve beaten them all a certain Mr. Schultz emerges, and this time he looks fully like a familiar Spider-villain Shocker. Cue the first proper boss battle of the game with Shocker using his SHCR weapons. Honestly I know it’s the first boss battle but I expected more, Shocker was easily defeated despite using some more lever platform tricks.

Shocker/Schulz then tells you that the gang wars are intensifying because everyone’s scared of the Carnage Killer who keeps brutally murdering people and leaving the CK tag on walls (possibly in blood). I’m getting the very real sense that the Carnage Killer is now Spider-Man’s ultimate aim.

Still, Cletus Kasady or Carnage Killer, or whoever will have to wait. I have actual work to do.

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