Scarlet Spider in-game perks for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game


Most of the suits available in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game are Peter Parker’s various suits as Spider-Man, however there a couple that belong to other people that have been Spider-Man, such as the Ultimate suit belonging to Miles Morales and the Scarlet Spider suit belonging to Ben Reilly. And it’s the Scarlet Spider suit that’s next in line to have its in-game perks revealed!

"COOLNESS: Makes it easier for Spidey to keep his heroic reputation.BLUNT RESISTANCE: Reduces the damage and duration of the stun effect caused by blunt weapons.FIRE RESISTANCE: Reduces the damage received from fire and explosions."

This is the latest in a long line of in-game perk announcements for Spider-Man suits. Click on the links to see the in-game perks for the Hornet suit, Vigilante suit, Amazing Spider-Man 1 film suit, Amazing Spider-Man 2 film suitMiles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man suit, Spider-Man 2099 suit, Superior Spider-Man suit, Cosmic Spider-Man suit, Iron Spider suit and finally the Spider-Man Noir and Black suits.

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