Poison Ivy Collectible on Batman Merchandise of the Day


DC exclusive collectibles brings us a look at this awesome Poison Ivy statue. Ivy was sculpted by Karen Palinko, stands eight and a half inches tall and will be on sale November of this year. DC has this to say about their ComicCon exclusive collectibles:

"If you’ve ever come to visit us at SDCC, NYCC or another one of our many conventions, you’ve likely noticed how we always have plenty of great DC Collectibles statues and action figures on display. We’ve been doing this for years, and over that period we’ve noticed how much time fans spend looking at our new collectibles, particularly the statues, making sure they take enough time to examine all of the texture and detail. This isn’t really surprising. Unless you happen to see one of our statues on display, it’s sometimes hard to gauge its level of intricacy. Usually, you have nothing more to go on than the photo on the box or website you’re ordering from. Conventions are often your best place to get a good look."

See the full article, written by Tim Beedle, on DCcomics.com. Poison Ivy is one hot lady, and this collectible is just as hot. I know I say this a lot but I want to get my hands on this. I wonder how expensive she’s gonna be, cause you know she won’t be cheap; but whatever the cost I’m sure people will be willing to pay it. I assume that Poison Ivy here will be an exclusive at a November convention, I just don’t know which one.

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