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More Gameplay from Beyond Gotham Revealed


With E3 going on now is a very busy time for video game news! has videos up from E3 of Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham gameplay. In this video we get a great interview with Arthur Parsons Game Director from Travelers’ Tales and a long look at one of the first missions of the game. In this mission Batman and Robin have been called up to help the rest of the Justice League take back the Watchtower from the Legion of Doom.

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So it looks like Travelers’ Tales has outdone themselves with this latest installment of Lego Batman. The game looks beautiful and is apparently going to include an all star cast. I’m not a big fan of the vehicle missions, but the Batwing mission we see in the video does look pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to trying out the new suits for Batman and Robin, and Toy Wonder is just cute. I’m pre-ordering the game to make sure I get one of the mini figure Arthur Parsons alluded to in the video. Caped Crusades will keep you posted on all the breaking news regarding Beyond Gotham and all Batman news!

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