Polygon.com and NeoGAF. Recently at Denver Comic..."/> Polygon.com and NeoGAF. Recently at Denver Comic..."/>

Kevin Conroy says Batman: Arkham Knight will be out in January!


Greetings Batman fans, today I’ve got some big news courtesy of


and NeoGAF. Recently at Denver ComicCon, Kevin Conroy was interviewed by Groovey.TV, and the subject of Batman Arkham Knight came up.

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Thank you Kevin Conroy! You’re the reason we had an inkling that Batman Arkham Knight existed before it was officially announced, and now you have given us hope that we will be getting our hands on the game this coming January. I really hope Conroy is correct about when Arkham Knight is coming to stores because I’ve already pre-ordered and you know I really want to get my hands on it! I made sure to pre-order to get to play as Harley Quinn, and bonus, I get the PS4 exclusive Scarecrow maps, which is awesome. The Scarecrow maps hadn’t even been announced when I pre-ordered so I really lucked out.

We want to hear from you! So, do you think it’s true, is Arkham Knight coming out in January? Tell us what you think in the comments below! Want more Batman? Download the Fansided.com app for more Batman news! Don’t forget to like Caped Crusades on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!