IGN has a new Teaser for Gotham


Greetings Batman fans! I have a new teaser for Gotham from IGN.com.

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Obviously Gordon and Bullock fail at their job, or this show is going to go south in a hurry. If Selina doesn’t become Catwoman and Cobblepot doesn’t become the Penguin, Gotham is going to suck. This teaser for Gotham did not include Edward Nigma, played by Cory Michael Smith, or Ivy Pepper, played by Clare Foley. I don’t understand why they came up with a new name for Poison Ivy instead of calling Pamela Isley.

The article also includes a video from IGN listing seven reasons they are excited about Gotham.

See the full article, written by Matt Fowler, here. Yes, I have posted about this second video before, but it never hurts to talk about reasons to be excited for something Batman related more than once! You can read my first article about this second video, here.

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