‘Batman Unlimited’ May be Direct to Video


Fellow Batman news site Legions of Gotham claims to have figured out the strange case of  the Batman: Unlimited teaser that surfaced at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo just recently.

"Yep, this mystery image that showed up the licensing show..well, multiple sources have confirmed with me that it is in fact a direct to DVD feature coming soon!   You know, much like that one-off JLA Adventures DVD that was just out.  I say its the best of both worlds for fans.  Those that wanted it get it and those that didn’t can avoid it.  Win, win!"

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This does make one wonder what DC is going to do with Batman animation now that Beware the Batman has crashed and burned. If this is a one-off, then what’s next? Batman in cartoon form is a major tent pole franchise and you know it’s not going to stay off TV for long.

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