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New ‘Batman v Superman’ Spoiler Extravaganza


Geek movie website JoBlo has posted some pretty specific possible spoilers about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I looked around to see if anyone countered or discredited them through the course of the day, but that’s yet to happen.

First off, they claim Lex Luthor is threatened by the presence of someone as powerful as Superman and is actively running a smear campaign against him. That’s actually a pretty classic motive for Luthor, appearing that way in various comic incarnations.

They go on to describe Wayne Manor as a facade for Batman’s real residence – a smaller house directly over the entrance to the Batcave. The most interesting scoop, however, deals with Wonder Woman and her costume. Not only does Diana play a big role in the climax of the film, helping Batman and Superman defeat a Luthor-controlled villain (I’m guessing something like Metallo), but she does so using traditional weaponry like a sword, spear and shield. Here’s what they say about her costume:

"She’ll have a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara (with a design of some sort in the center, possibly the red star) and a variation of the traditional-looking red top (no word on additional armor on it)."

Here’s the video story in question.

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