Batman Pajamas for Dogs on Sale at

Wow, this makes two bizarre Batman merchandise posts in a row! Today’s bizarre Batman merchandise, fleece Batman pajamas for dogs! These doggy PJs are sold on Etsy by a shop called RebelWag, which is apparently a doggy clothing shop.

Here is the description of the jammies given by RebelWag:

These are fun four legged jammies for your dog. The fleece is a warm high quality with a Batman symbol print and stretchy black jersey knit cuffs and neck.

If you are interested in getting your pooch a set of Batman pajamas they will cost you $21 and can be found here. I think the PJs are very cute but also quite bizarre, which is exactly why I wanted to share them with my Caped Crusades readers. I’m not a big fan of dressing pets in clothing even if they do look cute, although I do understand that some dogs do require little sweaters if they are small with short coats and live in a cold area.

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