Report: Guillermo del Toro Has Finished Justice League Dark Script


Maybe the mystical heroes of the DC Universe are going to get their turn to be movie stars after all.

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Mark Hughes of Forbes reports that nt only has Guillermo del Toro finished a Justice League Dark script, but it’s actually in the hands of Warner Bros. execs who will be checking it out this weekend. If they like it, we’ll presumably be getting an announcement relatively soon.

Though its name is obviously just an attempt to ride the coattails of the Justice League, the group of heroes in Justice League Dark is one composed of people who deal with magic and the supernatural side of the DCU. The team’s ongoing comic series recently finished its third year of continuous publication, and its membership has included Zatanna (the current leader), Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein, Shade the Changing Man and Timothy Hunter.

John Constantine has also been a prominent part of the book, and he’d almost certainly be featured in the film. Warner and DC have already shown they’ve got no problem using separate TV and movie versions of the same character, and with the fate of Constantine very much up in the air, it might not be an issue anyway.

Hughes compares Justice League Dark to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; not in terms of tone, which would almost certainly be darker than the average super hero fare, but in the way it could bring something different to the table that would help unfamiliar characters catch on with the general public.

I’d also add that del Toro can be trusted with this kind of material in the same way fans knew Joss Whedon would do justice to The Avengers. We’ll see if Warner feels the same way.

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