50 Greatest Super Heroes In Comic Book History

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1. Batman

(Write-up by Skip Harvey, Caped Crusades Editor)

Batman wasn’t the first modern super hero. Nor is he the strongest or most powerful.

Batman is, however, the greatest super hero of all time.

Super heroes ring true in our culture is because they are our modern mythology, allegories for some of the most immortal human tales. Superman is Moses, sent in a reed basket to save a people in need. Spiderman is Job, forever punished no matter the good he does. The Hulk is Jekyll and Hyde, the struggle and fear of the anger we can’t control.

One of the reasons Batman stands out even against such classic tropes is because he represents a part of us that has never been articulated before.

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Batman is a man — just a man — who was created out of the evil men do. He didn’t seek revenge or retribution. He didn’t repeat the sins of the people who wronged him. Instead, Bruce Wayne devoted his life to fulfilling the complete potential of a human being in hopes of preventing the same tragedy befalling anyone else. He’s sacrificed his wants, spending his vast fortune on philanthropy and tools to fight crime. He sacrificed his needs, never being able to live a normal life with loved ones. He became the world’s greatest detective, strategist, warrior and scientist without special abilities because he truly believes he is the only person willing to do what it takes.

As Batman, Bruce Wayne IS Justice. He’s what all superheroes fight for and what all innocent victims deserve. For this reason, Batman will always matter and always be important. There will always be a need for justice to trump revenge, and there will always be a need for Batman.

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