Amazing Spider-Man film series cancelled?

Whilst the deal between Marvel and Sony allowing Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is possibly the best news ever. There is still a downside, especially for those Spider-Fans who were invested in the current Amazing Spider-Man film franchise.

That’s because it looks almost certain that the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise will not continue, meaning we won’t get Amazing Spider-Man 3 to finish the trilogy. If you actually quite enjoyed both Amazing Spider-Man, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and were looking forward to seeing where Sony would take this narrative going forward, as it more closely resembled the Ultimate universe, then this is pretty disappointing news.

However it all depends on whether or not Andrew Garfield really is OUT as Spider-Man. Sure he may not be Marvel’s Spider-Man but he could still stay on and still make Spider-Man films. What am I talking about, you’re asking? Well the answer could be hidden in comments made by former Spider-Man screen-writer David Koepp.

Koepp hinted that he always thought that Sony should have two concurrent Spider-Man film franchises, from different universes, like they have in the comics. So what if Sony pushed ahead with their Amazing Spider-Man film franchise, as well as forge forward with their new Spider-Man reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That would allow them to at least make Amazing Spider-Man 3 and give their second reboot a proper send-off!

This would especially work if Marvel opted to have a completely different character play Spider-Man like Ben Reilly, Miles Morales or Miguel O’Hara as it wouldn’t be too jarring for the casual Spider-Man film watcher. It’s unlikely that they’d allow two different Peter Parkers on film at the same time given that the MCU hasn’t yet established the idea of multiple universes in its continuity.

But for now, with Andrew Garfield all-but gone from the Spider-Man film franchise we have to assume that Amazing Spider-Man 3, and the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise as a whole is gone as well!

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