Exclusive — Convergence: Green Arrow #1 Character Pages

Convergence is coming, and that means plenty of old faces from throughout DC Comics history will be returning throughout the two-month event.

In the case of Green Arrow, that means a version of Oliver Queen that gets to fight side by side with his son Connor Hawke. Yet you’ve never seen them meet or face the dangers they’ll take on in Convergence: Green Arrow #1. Written by Christy Marx with art by the always dependable Rags Morales, it goes on sale on April 15 during Week 2 of Convergence, featuring the characters as you remember them from the time of Zero Hour.

Bam Smack Pow is proud to exclusively reveal two character pages from Convergence: Green Arrow #1 (just click on them to see them even bigger) that give some brief background on Green Arrow, Oliver Queen and Sandra and Connor Hawke, as well as a look at the cover from that issue. Look for it in stores and on digital next month, and be sure to check back for much more coverage of Convergence as it shakes up the DC Universe this spring.