Marvel Orders Fifth Printing Of Star Wars #1


Didn’t it seem like there were a lot of copies of Star Wars #1 floating around when it first came out back in January? I know at my LCS (Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA, please enjoy this free plug), they were everywhere. On the new release shelf, on one of the endcaps, up by the register … Probably some randomly placed around the aisles too. I know I would have done that.

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My point is that they weren’t exactly hard to find, and yet people seem to have purchased them all. Marvel even went back and printed more, and one guesses they’re all gone too, because word came down today that a fifth printing is on the way.

Marvel calls it an “Unprecedented 5th Printing For Marvel’s Flagship Star Wars Title!” I remember some comics getting sent back to the printer this many times — the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 by Mirage, for instance, had five regular printings in the 80s and a few more in the 21st century — but it doesn’t happen often, for sure.

You can peep the eye-catching yellow cover for the fifth printing of Star Wars #1 below. You can find it in stores on May 6, and might I suggest, Marvel, that you missed a golden opportunity since May 4 is an unofficial Star Wars holiday anyway. I know new comics come out on Wednesdays, but still.

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