Batman Limited Edition Moleskine Collection!


Moleskines are great utilities and almost everyone I know has one. Sadly, no one ever seems to fill them up all the way, but they always try. Well, if you are in the market for a new one, or know someone who is, you can now get these sweet, official Batman Limited Edition Moleskines!

"Steam rises up from the cobblestones. It bites at the ankles of the tall shadowy figure making his way down the dark alley. He lights the match. The hostage cries out. Will Batman make it across town to save the day? In this tense 60-second short film, Grammy-nominated director Edson Oda brings the seedy underbelly of Gotham City alive on the pages of Moleskine notebooks to celebrate the launch of the Moleskine Batman Limited Edition Collection. Batman arrives on the cover of a Moleskine notebook – one of five designs that celebrate the urban superhero’s comic book heritage. The ivory-colored pages inside the notebooks are for sketching your own Batsuit, Batsignal or sinister cityscapes. Themed stickers are contained in the back pocket."

These awesome pieces won’t be around forever, so get them now, while you can. They are available for a limited time through the official website.

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