First Look: The End Of An Era In Fantastic Four #645


We haven’t seen the last of the Fantastic Four. The original Marvel super-team, the one that truly ushered in a new era in super hero comics, is going to be back in some way, shape or form. If nothing else, history suggests that will be the case.

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But Fantastic Four #645 really is the end of the road, at least for now. Writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk are wrapping up the current series with an action-packed finale, with the team facing one last battle against the Quiet Man and invaders from the Heroes Reborn universe. Also, the Human Torch hasn’t really deserved that name as of late. Will Johnny Storm get his powers back?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this super-sized final issue. You’ll also find four more stories from creators throughout Fantastic Four history, including Karl Kesel, Louise Simonson, Tom DeFalco, Jeff Parker, David Marquez, Joe Bennett, Tom Grummet and Pascal Campion. Plus, icons like Stan Lee, John Byrne, Roger Stern, Mark Millar, Roy Thomas, Chris Claremont, John Romita Sr. and Walt Simonson join in by sharing their thoughts on the best FF covers of all time.

So it’s a bittersweet moment for fans of the team, but like I said at the top, this won’t be the final appearance Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm make as a team, even if the arc is called “The End is FOURever.” Check for this milestone issue in stores and on digital on April 29, but not before you scroll down and take a first look at what’s inside.

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