Marvel Actually Thinks Star Lord Would Beat Batman…


At this weekend’s Wondercon Convention in Anaheim California, Marvel threw a little shade at one of DC’s top heroes during it’s Next Big Thing Q&A panel.

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When asked if there was a possibility of a Marvel/DC crossover, the response was no (even though that’s happened in the past in the comics) but writer Sam Humphries specifically said he’d always wanted to do a Star Lord vs. Batman crossover because Star Lord would kick Batman’s ass.

Now, I’m a realist. I’ve never been one of those people who claim Batman can beat anybody, even given time to prepare. There are at least a decent handful of both superheroes and villains who could beat Batman. Some with little to no trouble at all. Star Lord is not one of those. He’s an everyday guy who is charming and a little cunning, but not nearly the level of Batman. I loved Guardians of The Galaxy too, but if anything, that Star Lord is far less capable of taking on Batman than the one in the comics as he is essentially a goofy loser. That’s why we like him, he’s an underdog. Batman is not an underdog in most situations, especially not against your run of the mill human being whose only real advantage might be being more knowledgeable about alien weaponry. We already have enough comic nerds going to war over discussions of who could beat who, let’s not have writers from competing companies getting in on it as well, especially with such ludicrous claims as this…

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